I am a telecommunications engineer. My daily life at work, although full of new technologies,

lacks creativity and artistic flair. I express in photography what others express in music, poetry and painting.

Inspired by other professional, famous and amateur photographers, I taught myself in the last ten years the art of “making photos” instead of “taking photos.”

Each person has his own sensibility, his way of narrating weddings and trips and expressing his emotions. I learned how to use the light, without which photography would not exist.

I progressed through trial and error by watching , researching, and filling up my camera’s memory cards. I also learned that lack of inspiration at times is not so bad, as it is part of the learning process throughout the life of a photographer.

But I have come to realize that the most important thing to me is the subject: this element that you find at a unique given moment, place and context.

It is hard to describe a scent that revives senses, or a taste that leaves a feeling of happiness, or a sound that resonates.

Only a photo can attest to this unique moment!

Wedding photography in particular is one of the areas most filled with emotions. I am one of those helpless romantics who can watch an emotional story up to 50 times and each time as if it is the first time. I still remember that very special moment when my wife walked down the aisle.

Today, I look at my son growing up and discovering life – his eyes, his smile and his first steps – he falls and stands up again.

Only memories remain of these precious fleeting moments.

The most fascinating thing is to capture them and know how to tell them… pictures.